I'm sure you all find cleaning your makeup brushes to be quite a tedious task. I know I do! *sigh*

Best Beauty has got our backs though, with a great variety of brush cleaning tools to help make our task of cleaning our brushes much easier!

If you are someone who has smaller/travel sized brushes, this brush egg would be quite perfect for you.
It's small, compact and really easy to use. Perfect if you are traveling or just starting out with your first set of makeup brushes.
Purchase it here.

The brush cleansing pad is small and round the top is for washing the brushes, the bottom for rinsing. Again, easy to use, small and compact. Purchase it here.

This one is my favorite. It's the express brush cleaning mat (small) unlike the cleaning pad above, this one has more ridges to really get in there and clean those bristles. This is described as small but to me is more of a medium sized mat. It is my favorite out of all because it is small yet big enough to clean the biggest brushes in my collection. The brush egg was too small to clean my powder brushes, but this mat is perfect! It's easy to store (I just fold it) and cleans my brushes beautifully. Purchase it here.

This is the biggest out of all the brush cleaning tools – the express brush cleaning mat (large) it looks pretty small on this picture, but is about twice the size of the small express brush cleaning mat. If you want to wash multiple brushes at once or if you just want a bigger space to clean your brushes, this is for you! It works just as great as the small version and is easy to store as well. It has little stickies at the back so it can stick to your basin while you clean your brushes. No need to worry about the mat moving around as it sticks quite secure. Purchase it here.

That's all for now. Watch this space as I'll have a full review of the new Automatic Brush Cleaning Device uploaded soon!

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