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It prevents damages to the hair structure during colouring or bleaching.
It gives the hair strength and protection from breakage.
The hair is hydrated and soft.
Color brilliance is not damaged


Is added to the colour or bleach blend to protect the hair. During the colouring process the damaged hair structure is repaired back.
Thanks to Nio-Active ingredients the hair structure becomes healthier. NIO ACTIVE.
The dual action formulation deeply penetrates into the cortex thanks to Nio-Active Technology.


Is applied after the coloration or the bleaching treatment, to intensify the effect of phase 1 and strengthen the hair cream with Nio-Active,
intensifying the e ect of the treatment with 1-REBUILDER.
The hair structure is remarkably strengthened.
For a long- lasting and healthy effect.



The product ADD-PEX Available in SA NOW! ADD-PLEX is for home use.

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE 100% Colour, 100% Safety

THE CHALLENGE Coloration and bleaching can damage the hair structure. The hair become weak and break.
The result: your clients can not change their look as often as they would like to.

THE IDEA ADD-PLEX is the first professional treatment to be used at home, that prevents damages to the hair structure during the coloration.

How long will it work and can you use it every time you colour your hair?

Yes you have to use it every time you colour your hair and the effects remain on hair between 1-2 weeks.
As a treatment, consider this chart for each purpose:
• Give an healthy status of the hair: Once a week
• Repair hair after chemical treatment: from 2 to 3 times a week depending on the status of the hair.
(the more damage the more applications).
• Intensive SOS Rescue: from 4 time a week, depending on the status of the hair.
Maybe this can weigh the thin hair down just a little bit.
But in your area you should not have this issue.


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