R602 incl. VAT

Barulab 530 S-Peptide Ampoule is the world-first, one-of-a-kind product that utilizes BSP-11 technology!

BSP-11 is the main component of Substance-P, a peptide which has long been used medically for its regenerative abilities, therefore helping with strengthening your skin barrier like never before! Combined with natural extracts of MultiEX BSASM, the ampoule effectively soothes troubled, irritated skin. Also includes Sacran, a highly effective moisturizing polysaccharide with 10 times the moisture retention ability of hyaluronic acid. With these incredible ingredients combined in one powerful serum, the Barulab 530 S-Peptide Ampoule transforms your skin to become healthier, livelier and firmer.

For cleanliness and sanitary purposes, the ampoule is packaged individually, 1 per day. Each box contains 30 individual ampoules. Perfect for traveling as well!

Made with safe ingredients and suitable for all skin types!




How to use

Prep your skin with toner after cleansing, and open a pouch of the ampoule. Apply the ampoule onto the face and follow up with a moisturizer.