Skullour Fashion Hair Dye

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Skullour is produced in one size (100 mL tubs) and is available in vibrant red, electric blue, sky blue, neon pink, orchid, neon purple, dark purple, vibrant yellow, orange, lime green, turquoise, platinum ice and dark green. A white mixer is also available, which is used to lighten any skullour colour to create lighter and pastel shades.

The colour is long lasting and known to last even 10 weeks, depending on the colour, the condition of the hair and hair products used. Skullour is in powder form and is then mixed with any conditioner into a paste. The colour itself contains no bleach so hair has to be lightened prior to Skullouring.  However, the colour doesn’t always wash out 100%.

100% Natural No chemical, bleach, not tested on animals.

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How it works:

• Measure some powder and add an equal amount of conditioner, place in a bowl and mix well.

• Apply the mixture generously to the section of hair

• Leave the mixture on for an hour or more

• Rinse the hair well with water (do not shampoo for 48 hrs)

• Dry hair and feel fabulous!

The colour does not always wash out 100%.


These large tubs contain enough dye to cover long hair at least twice.

The dye can last 3 months using sulphate free shampoo with 2 washes a week.

The dye can last 4 weeks using normal harsh shampoos every day.

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Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Dark Purple, Lime Green, Neon Pink, Neon Purple, Orange, Orchid, Platinum Ice, Red, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Yellow


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