L’ABEILLE IonActive Deep Cleansing Brush

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Your L’abeille IonActive Deep Cleansing Brush has a cleansing action that lifts even the most stubborn of impurities, providing a much deeper clean than your hands alone can. 3 different speed settings allows you to set it at a speed that suits your skin sensitivity and area you are cleansing. The more gentle the vibration, the better it will be on sensitive skin & delicate face areas. The IonActive Deep Cleansing Brush is 100% waterproof, allowing for convenient use in the shower or bath. The lightweight design allows for easy travel use, and no head replacements are necessary.


8000 Sonic vibrations/minute provide deeper cleansing. The Ionic vibrations lift hard-to-reach debris & impurities in the pores, creating a more clean & glowing complexion after the first use.

The vibrating pulse of the soft touch silicone bristles provides gentle daily exfoliation to remove dry, dead & dull skin cells from the surface of your skin, leaving your skin renewed & more radiant. This daily exfoliation allows for better product absorption & results. Silicone bristles are much gentler on the skin, causing no damage to it.

Tightens pores for a more refined skin, due to deeper pore cleansing & removal of dirt & impurities.

Provides active anti-blemish & blackhead control. The negatively charged silicone gives the brush antimicrobial & hygienic properties, making it suitable for use on blemish prone skin. The natural antibacterial protection prevents bacteria being transferred onto the skin, & dirt or grime from settling on the brush after use.

The bristles provide a massaging effect on the skin, which is shown to assist in toning & lifting the skin for more refined contours. The massage effect also prevents fine lines from developing.

Stimulates micro-circulation bringing oxygen-rich blood to the surface, providing essential nutrients to the skin & helping to eliminate toxins.

Deeper pore cleansing removes all make-up, dirt & impurities/pollution that builds up on the skin’s surface during the day.

A well exfoliated skin allows your products to be better absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, where they provide the most benefits. The IonActive Deep Cleansing Brush keeps your skin polished & more receptive to your application of treatments concentrates & serums for optimal results.

1. Apply your Deep Cleansing Gel to a damp skin
2. Run the bristles of the brush under warm water
3. Select your vibration speed by pressing the power button – 1, 2 or 3 times
4. Massage the brush in small circular motions over the different areas of the face, using upward movements. Select the different vibration speeds for different areas. Using the slowest speed over the eye area & on sensitive skin. Remember to treat the neck area also.
5. After all make-up has been removed (approx. 1minute), turn the brush off by holding the power button in for 3 seconds
6. Rinse the bristles of the brush under warm water and gently towel dry the brush, allow to air dry further, away from sunlight
7. Rinse the remaining cleansing gel from your face with warm water & pat dry
8. Do not use your IonActive Deep Cleansing Brush over broken skin or wounds

• Do not expose the brush to water temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius
• Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight to preserve the life of your silicone brush
• Use a soft toothbrush should there be any debris stuck in the bristles of the brush and always ensure it is properly rinsed after every use
• Do not use the brush with an exfoliation product
• Store in a safe place/pouch during travel & do not drop your brush
• Make sure the base where the batteries are stored is always correctly ‘locked’ & tightly closed
• Make sure the batteries are correctly placed in the brush with +- positions as per below

GUARANTEE CLAUSE (valid for 1 year from purchase date on invoice)
• Your cleansing brush must strictly be operated according to the instructions
• For non-user related product failure the brush will be repaired for free in the warranty period, this will exclude courier fee
• Out of warranty repairs will be charged a repair fee & courier fee
• Any misuse, disassembly or modification won’t be covered by the warranty
• Product damage from an accidental fall or breakage won’t be covered by the warranty

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L’abeille (pronounced La-Bay), meaning ‘The Bee’ in French

At L’ABEILLE we combine an exceptional luxury skincare experience with science-proven actives. Our products are meticulously handcrafted incorporating natural, bio-based and bio-available, high performance ingredients, carefully selected for their performance and results.

A luxury regime with detail to each skincare step.


L’abeille is a story of our Founder’s heritage and home country. Coming from French decent, but being born and raised in South Africa, I decided to combine my love for both. In the L’abeille range I have combined exquisite African oils with some outstanding high performance actives, some being harvested off the breathtakingly beautiful coastline of Brittany, France. The floral extracts and honey used in L’abeille would not be possible without our bee colonies, which are so important for the sustainable existence of all our beautiful flowers, hence the use of L’abeille as our brand name.

At L’ABEILLE, we are led by our passion for excellence and continual growth in educating our consumer in clean beauty. We are on a constant quest to raise the standards in the clean beauty industry with carefully selected ingredients that are well researched, tested and safe. We only select those that are proven to work at cellular level and have a direct impact on enhancing the beauty of our skin.
L’ABEILLE creates a South African experience in each product by combining exquisite African extracts & Botanicals with meticulously procured high performance ingredients. Join us on our journey in discovering restored youth & increased radiance.
Healthy skin = Happy skin


At L’ABEILLE the ingredients we use matter just as much as our choice to protect our earth, because clean beauty, free from harmful ingredients should be the standard. This is why our raw material choices are always thoroughly researched to ethically serve our customers. Our high performance bio-based ingredients are all scientifically proven in their claims, and our botanicals are of the purest and finest standards. We tirelessly strive to select sustainable ingredients that carry the least impact on our environment, without compromise on their efficacy.
We strive to make the best products for everyone, because being inclusive of all skin types & diversities is very important to us.
L’ABEILLE founder, Karen Potgieter, is driven by her passion for scientifically engineered, innovative clean beauty that delivers on its promises.
By combining sustainable, natural/ecocert, nature identical/bio-based ingredients, she carefully crafts exceptional products that are scientifically based, safe and effective. L’ABEILLE enhances our natural beauty by supporting the skins vital functions, in providing advanced skin nutrition, moisture support, hydration, cell protection and skin renewal.

Skin has that ageless glow with restored radiance


  • Ingredient quality
  • Cruelty free
  • Transparency
  • No false promises
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainability
  • No nasty chemicals


From our raw material sourcing to the production lines, we are committed to providing luxury skincare of unparalleled excellence and revolutionary results. Our ingredients are carefully selected locally and abroad from trusted and honest suppliers. L’ABEILLE is fully endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty, meaning that neither our labs or our suppliers conduct testing on animals.


We use:

  • The finest botanical extracts
  • Natural compliant/ecocert ingredients
  • Scientifically proven actives for optimal results
  • Pure French clays to nourish, cleanse & purify
  • Natural fragrances
  • Unadulterated essential oils
  • Bio-based/bio-identical ingredients to enhance results
  • Highest recommended & tested % of actives
  • Low dose essential oils for therapeutic benfits
  • Natural preservative systems
  • Pure charcoal to detox
  • Organic wherever possible
  • Natural retinol – Bakuchiol
  • Fruit acids (Citric acid)

Your precious skin deserves it

We do not use:

  • Parabens
  • GMO
  • Pesticides
  • Harsh/irritating preservatives
  • Bulking agents/fillers
  • Petroleum
  • Hydroquinone
  • Animal derived ingredients
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Phthalates
  • Artificial colours or fragrances
  • Banned cosmetic ingredients
    – US, EU, Canada or Japan

No nasties


Skincare is an ever evolving industry. With our constant commitment to research and development, we aim to stay at the forefront of the clean beauty movement. Extensive hours are put into our consistent research and product development before going to production. This ensures that we always put our most advanced, luxurious and effective products to market. L’ABEILLE products undergo intense lab testing prior to release to ensure utmost standards are met and safety is assured. Our formulas will stay exciting, innovative and pioneering.

Elegance without compromise


With our dedication to superior skincare, we pride ourselves on ethical ingredient sourcing and products engineered to be creative luxury experiences. With an excellent understanding of organic cosmetic science, we promise to continue to craft artisanal skincare with clean, science-proven ingredients for the green beauty industry. Expertly blended, exceptional quality products will always be our top priority.
Our range includes some traditional skincare methods that are age-old proven therapies.
We include bio-based/bio-available & bio/nature identical ingredients to optimise skincare benefits without compromising on our ethos or discerning consumers.
We believe in combining rare and precious ingredients, with science-backed actives to deliver on our promises.

Highly intelligent formulas for luxury clean beauty


  • Opulent luxury & performance excellence
  • Multi-tasking products to custom design your skincare
  • Suitable for all skin types by customisable/buildable product layering or combinations
  • Clean beauty ethos
  • Carefully selected high performance actives with scientific evidence
  • Pure botanicals
  • Purposeful ingredients with cellular impact
  • Violet glass packaging that maintains the life force and potency of the actives
  • Synergistic blends for optimal skin benefits
  • Scientifically engineered formulas
  • Results-driven


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