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Make P:rem Layering me whitening mask 55ml

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The unique Make P:rem brightening double layer mask helps improve skin texture, clarity and brightness. Coming in two parts: the first sheet mask is wafer-thin and contains a brightening essence. The second is much thicker and sits on top, with a hydrating essence. The top layer hooks around the ears which also pulls up underneath the chin too.

Suitable for all skin types. 


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The Make P:rem double layer mask is a premium mask with big results. It contains not just one but TWO sheet masks! Perfect for those who want bright and clear skin but have busy lifestyles. The ergonomically designed mask is so secure that it enables you to walk around the house so you can multi-task!”

Please note: This product’s packaging says ‘Whitening’ but there are no ingredients in this product that will whiten your skin. The ‘whitening’ term is commonly used in Korea for brightening products and whilst some Korean products are designed to whiten the skins complexion, this product only contains ingredients, such as Vitamin C, that work to brighten your skin.


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