Skin Creamery Skin Tonic

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Skin Tonic

A mineralising two-phase skin tonic formulated to hydrate, restore and nurture.
* Suitable for all skin types
* Can be used daily after cleansing
* Can be used on all areas of the skin in need of a little extra love
* Ideal to use as a soothing, cooling after-sun treatment
* Ideal to use for men after shaving
* Can be used as a moisturiser for a slightly oilier skin
* Provides ideal antioxidant protection.

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Product Description
This skin tonic is ideal to use after cleansing to help restore balance to the skin.
The water phase contains Malachite, a mineral-rich crystal extract with powerful antioxidant and skin protecting properties. Baobab fruit powder, which is high in vitamin C, is infused into organic rose water to create a vitamin-rich floral splash. Rose water gently balances the skin’s PH and adds a touch of toning magic.
The omega-rich oil layer gently hydrates and conditions the skin. This oil layer mixes effortlessly with the water phase to form a rejuvenating tonic for damaged or tired skin.
Shake bottle well +/-10 seconds, to adequately mix water and oil phases. Pump desired amount (3 pumps will be enough for face and neck) into the palm of your hand, apply to skin – Safe to use over eye area.
Spotlight on Malachite.
The main ingredient in the Skin Tonic, which has powerful antioxidant and skin protecting qualities, is the Malachite extract. Malachite is known as an ancient semi-precious stone with a host of healing properties. This product is infused with the full beauty benefits of this semi-precious stone, which is renowned for removing impurities from the skin. In fact, this powerful ingredient actively seeks out free radicals, effectively detoxifying the skin while soothing the effects of everyday stresses.
Since ancient times, the stone has been used to cleanse and bring about balance within the body and mind. Malachite extract acts as an intelligent after-sun healer, gently calming the effects of redness and irritated skin.
Rich in copper, zinc and magnesium, Malachite extract also has the ability to regenerate the skin cells, bringing with it all-natural anti-ageing qualities and a host of protective benefits for those of us who love to spend time in the great outdoors.


About Skin Creamery

The Skin Creamery was founded by beauty expert, Hannah Rubin, in 2014.
Hannah set out to create a natural skincare range fuelled by the burning desire to combine her commitment to conscious living with her passion for skincare.
She worked tirelessly to craft this versatile range of luxury skincare essentials, taking care to source only the finest organic ingredients- each chosen for their healing qualities and ability to easily penetrate the skin.
Each product has been formulated with a deep understanding of the science behind happy, healthy skin, all without the use of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.
The range honours good environmental practices from start to finish, from locally grown ingredients to locally sourced packaging.


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