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Vibration and Massage Mode:

Efficient soothing of the skin’s puffiness under the eyes, this mode uses constant high frequency vibration designed to massage the surrounding eye area and help users feeling more revitalized.

Vibration and Warm Therapy Mode:

Lessens ‘bags’ under the eyes through a combination of warm temperature and pulsating high frequency vibrations.
In this mode, Cherily is designed to heat itself to a temperature ranging between 38 and 42 degrees Celsius; along with vibrations, this stimulates an increase in the blood flow around the eye contours and therefore can reduce mild swelling and dark puffiness under the eyes.

Ionic Toning Mode:

Accelerates eye mask serum nutrient penetration and absorption into the skin through a combination of iontophoresis (process of low powered electric current), pulsating high frequency vibrations and heat allowing for improved contour lines around the eyes, and a fresher look.

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SVK was born in the capital of love and romance – Paris, France. All of our skincare products are developed by our in-house R&D team with years of experience in the field of electronic body-health products.
 We focus on developing innovative, compact and portable beauty devices; putting forward the concept of ‘The Beauty Salon in Your Palm’.
 By combining highly innovative and patented technologies such as our S-CAVITY technology into our products, as well as an inherit passion to design and engineer devices that are unique, reliable and beneficial to users, we are able to offer an experience that is truly matchless.We believe innovation and detail is what separates us from the rest, from early stages of product design to the user    unboxing experience, at SVK we take time to ensure that the smallest of details are taken into consideration.We constantly challenge ourselves by creating products that are vastly different in their features and design; but most  importantly, we challenge ourselves to create products that our users can appreciate, value and trust, we chose to challenge ourselves in order to continue to be a market leading force; we start new trends, we do not follow them.

Let The Beauty Salon In Your Palm”
become the standard of beauty lovers around the world

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