Standard. Oily Skin Starter Kit

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Why do I have oily skin?

Oily skin occurred, as at some point, your skin did not get enough hydration, so it went into oil-over production to make up for the lack. The only way to balance oiliness, is to hydrate oily skin & signal your skin that there’s enough moisture, so it stops its over production.

What’s in the box?

30 ml Squalane Serum
Hydration for your skin without clogging pores

50 ml Moisture Bomb lightweight moisturiser 
Ultra-lightweight moisturiser, with luxurious, silky feel

120 gr African Black Soap
Ultimate Face Wash to balance oily skin, brighten dark spots and heal breakouts/ Acne

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  • stops over-production of sebum (oil)
  • hydration without clogging your pores or leaving a greasy-feel
  • less oiliness within 2-3 weeks




Step 1- Cleanse with AFRICAN BLACK SOAP lather the bar in your hand and wash your face. Rinse with warm water. Caution: the black soap can be very harsh & drying in the first few weeks of using it. You might want to ease into using black soap, by only using it every other day, until your skin gets used to it

Step 2 – Hydrate with MOISTURE BOMB Smooth a dollop of moisturiser onto clean skin. If you’re using a toner, tone before applying moisturiser.

Step 3 – Extra glow with SQUALANE SERUM: do this step once per day. Apply a few drops onto skin, gently massage it in.


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