Teana Blue Retinol Booster

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Blue Retinol

• Smoothing the skin’s tone and texture similarly to regular retinol but without the side effects such as dryness, erythema, flaking or itching;

• Regenerating and rejuvenating the skin on the cell level;

• Reducing pigmentation and blurring skin defects;

•Moisturizing, smoothing wrinkles.

Active ingredients: XEP-018, Neurophroline, Mariliance, Lanablue, Unisteron Y-50, Unirepair Е-43, Relistase.

Alternative to beauty salon cosmetology

Skin type: any



A BOOSTER — is a supercharger for any skincare treatment, including serums and creams.

This revolutionary highly active product increases the effectiveness of cosmetic bioactive ingredients’ action on the skin.

This leads to phenomenal results comparable to beauty salon cosmetology (such as injections, laser rejuvenation, etc.)


• Boosting the effectiveness of any skincare regimen

• “Squeezing” the maximum benefit of any skincare product

• Highly effective as a stand-alone product or when embedded into a daily routine

• Pushing active ingredients deeper into the skin


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