Teana Hyaluronic Acid Gel

R588 incl. VAT

Skin type:

all types of skin, including allergy-prone skin

The solution to a lack of moisture, enlarged pores

Works especially well in combination with a facial massage and noninvasive cosmetic appliances.


This highly concentrated gel with 3D-hyaluronic acid is a modern and efficient way to provide your skin with maximum hydration. The key feature is that hyaluronic acid of this serum is in the form of three different sized molecules. The serum quickly penetrates the skin, instantly working on all levels: from the surface down to the deepest layers. The substance fills the skin folds inside, “pushing” wrinkles to the surface, thereby making them shallower and less noticeable. As a result perennial lines and wrinkles are softened and small skin imperfections and fine lines are smoothed out.




gel of hyaluronic acid (Sodium hyaluronate), preservative (Optiphen BD).

10 ampoules



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