Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water 200ml

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Vita Liberata’s brand new Invisi Foaming Tan Water. Invisi is bursting full of organic botanicals such as Ginkgo Biloba and Raspberry, supercharged by our Advoganic TM Technology, for the most hydrating and anti-age skin treatment as you glow. It is as clear as water so there is zero risk of transfer and it is super-fast drying so you can apply and go. 4-6 hours later your most natural deep radiant glow will appear. As an added bonus, Invisi tan is darker than other formulas, so if you are looking for deep, dark lusciously sexy glowing skin look no further than organic Invisi Foaming Tan Water. Available in light for a sunkissed look, medium/dark for a week in the sun look, and super dark for an endless summer glow. Always organic, always clean, always vegan, always natural.   

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Light/Medium, Medium/Dark, Super Dark


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