Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste

R200 incl. VAT

Thieves AromaBright® Toothpaste is a premium, all-natural toothpaste made with 100% pure essential oils, including the powerful and exclusive Thieves® essential oil blend, along with other ingredients promoting oral health. Its global formula is safe and effective, without any fluoride, dyes, synthetic ingredients, or preservatives unlike some commercial brands. AromaBright’s formula provides a fortress of support for healthy gums, strong teeth, and a confident smile. It is the optimal choice for health-minded consumers. Creates an alkaline environment in the mouth that is unfavourable for and hampers the growth of bacteria Supports healthy gums and strong teeth Provides a refreshing minty taste with ingredients that may help support dental hygiene Global formula meets the strict standards of world markets All-natural toothpaste is free of synthetic or genetically modified ingredients Please note that this product will be delivered as 2x 57g Aromabright toothpastes instead of 1x 114g one.

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